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Rider Personal Responsibility - 2019

You must be a current RUSA member to ride a permanent.  Join or renew here.

Begin registration for all permanents here.

Please allow at least two weeks notice of intent to ride.

Permanent availability is entirely subjective - at any given time, particular routes may or may not be available, without explanation.  Typical reasons for permanent unavailability would be related to route safety and integrity; explanations are not required and are not subject to negotiation.

Electronic Proof of Passage (EPP) - most forms of EPP will be accepted, if this is your preference please let me know when you send your completed waiver so we can work out the details.

Although I have posted RideWithGPS links for each permanent, FOLLOW CUES AS THEY APPEAR ON THE CUESHEET.  Sometimes RideWithGPS will try to put you somewhere you don't want to go.  Keep this in mind if you use GPS navigation.

PLEASE forward any questions, concerns, or updates (you had to take an alternate route, for example) so that I can keep the routes as current and safe as possible.  I ride them all as much as I can, but I don't get to ride them nearly as often as I like.

Email for more information.