P#2284 - Parks Highway Randonnée 605K - Anchorage, AK / Fairbanks, AK

Parks Highway Randonnee 605K  (Reversible)

Take the long trek from Anchorage to Fairbanks along the wide open spaces of the Parks Highway through vast expanses of isolated Alaska backcountry.  You will experience long stretches of highway with little to no support along the route.  Train service is available at several locations along the way, should you need a rescue en route to your final destination.  This route can also be ridden in reverse.

NOTE:  Be prepared for long stretches with minimal services and no cell coverage.  Plan your ride accordingly!

Elevation gain:  14,600 feet (barometer)

RidewithGPS (Anchorage to Fairbanks)

Cuesheet (Anchorage to Fairbanks)

RideWithGPS (Fairbanks to Anchorage)

Cuesheet (Fairbanks to Anchorage)

Parks Highway information, courtesy Milepost.