P#616 - Denali Park Gravel Grinder 301K - Denali Park, AK

Denali Park Gravel Grinder 301K

The One, the Only, the World Famous Denali Park Gravel Grinder.  You get a paved 25K to start (a few short steep climbs to really stretch your legs), and then 125K of gravelly rollers (some punchy, some not) through Denali Park's rugged backcountry to Kantishna; from there, continue around and bring it back home.  The paved downhill back to Parks Highway is one you'll always remember.

Maybe you'll get lucky and Denali will be on display.


This is an exceptionally remote backcountry ride with zero services.  There is water at Eielson Visitor Center, so bring enough to get you there, or be prepared to treat some groundwater along the route.

Mandatory safety briefing for this ride: be prepared to sell me on the idea that you are qualified and prepared for an undertaking of this magnitude.

(Route is 85% gravel/hardpan, firm enough for tour buses which you'll experience sporadically during daytime hours.)

Elevation gain:  15,100 feet (barometer)