P#3543 - Big Wild Ride 1200K - Valdez, AK

Big Wild Ride 1200K

The Longest permanent in the Biggest state, an epic tour of Alaska that will put all your randonneuring skills to the test.

Because this is a permanent you will have access to more generous control closing times from the first mile you are on the course.  This should make for a (slightly) more leisurely ride, almost a tour; still, make no mistake, you will need to bring your A-game to complete this ride within 90 hours.

Be prepared for long stretches with minimal services and no cell coverage.

Suggested riding schedule:
Day 1 - 229.6M / 369K - Delta Jct, AK (The Lodge at Black Rapids)
Day 2 - 187.7M / 302K - Nenana, AK (Rough Woods Inn)
Day 3 - 169.7M / 273K - Trapper Creek, AK (Mary's McKinley View Lodge)

Day 4 - 159.2M / 256K - Anchorage, AK (FINISH!)

Elevation gain:  Typically 40% of RideWithGPS estimate.

RidewithGPS 1200K


RideWithGPS - Day 1

RideWithGPS - Day 2

RideWithGPS - Day 3

RideWithGPS - Day 4

Alaska Highway information, courtesy Milepost.