P#1042 - Anchorage to Seward 206K - Anchorage, AK / Seward, AK

Anchorage to Seward 206K (Reversible)

(Thanks to Tom, the originator of this permanent -- it remains unchanged.)

One of the best rides around, if you leave early enough (say, 4 AM) you can take the train back.

The climb to Turnagain Pass is very gentle, and the majestic roll from there through the snow-capped hills and on to the Seward descent is the stuff of Legend.

NOTE: Riding in July is NOT recommended. May and Early June, and then August through September, are best.

(Route is reversible, from Seward you start at Safeway rather than Subway.)

Elevation gain:  4600 feet (barometer)

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Seward Highway information, courtesy Milepost.